Red Dragon Production Package

Our Red Dragon package is an all inclusive package. It includes all the basics to get you shooting at one price.

Red Dragon package

Camera, Matte Box, Follow Focus, ND Filters, Polariser Batteries, O’Connor 150mm head, High Hat & Legs.

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Red Epic Dragon Brain
Bright Tangerine 3 stage swing-away MB (incl donuts, set of 5 mattes, carbon fibre top, bottom & side flags. Each stage has full rotation) Red DMSC Side handle & Red Volt Batteries (Allows hot swapping batteries & ultra lightweight mode)
Bright Tangerine 2 Stage Lightweight Clamp On Matte Box Red Titanium PL & Canon EOS mounts
Switronix Jetpack V-Lock Power module 6 x 160 wAh V-Lock batteries & 2 chargers (10 hours power)
AC Mains power Supply 4 x 128 Giga Red SSD drives & Card Reader
Red 5” Touch Screen LCD Red OLED Electronic Viewfinder
Redmote wireless Remote Control Red Dovetail/Quick release system & 19mm Studio Rails
Top Handle and Top mounted Cheese plates O’connor CFF-1 Follow Focus kit
Wooden Camera Shoulder mount system Full set of Schneider 4 x 5.56 Platinum IRNDs (.3-2.1) Or
Full set of Schneider 4 x 5.56 ND filters Schneider 138mm Polariser & optical clear
O’Connor 2065 Ultimate 150mm Fluid head Millar 150mm High hat.
High, middle and baby legs